Frank J Reilly Books – The Elements of Painting

“Frank J. Reilly – The Elements of Painting” presents the principles and concepts of the craftsmanship involved in the graphic arts. The guidelines presented here will help students, art teachers and professional painters and designers discover and/or further develop their craft.

The book is a must read for both the aspiring painter and accomplished artist – and everyone in between. The first three chapters are important for the novice artist, who will find the basics of painting that will guide them in their discovery and growth. The remaining chapters will provide professional painters committed to constantly improving their craft with insight and techniques they might not have previously learned. “Frank J. Reilly – The Elements of Painting” book also assists art teachers and art schools in the instruction of their students and serves well as a college text book of art.

Ralph Garafola was raised in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and studied at the Art Students League of New York for seven years. He served as class monitor for Frank J. Reilly, an instructor at the Art Students League and Commissioner of Art for New York City. Reilly became both mentor and father-figure for Garafola.

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Ralph Garafola studied at  Art Students League for seven years with Frank J. Reilly, Instructor and Commissioner of Art for New York City.

“To succeed in the realm of graphic arts, like dancing and music, one must acquire knowledge. By practicing and applying that knowledge, one becomes skillful. It was Reilly’s logical application which was the basis for developing my craft. After 65 successful years I have never found reason to change the drawing or painting methodology Reilly taught to me. I owe him my sincere gratitude. Now through this book I share it with you.”

– Ralph Garafola, Author/ Artist/ Educator

Professionals Are Talking

“Reading this book is like listening to Reilly speak. I have many books on painting and drawing but none as clear and precise as this one. Many of Reilly’s former students wanted him to write a book but he never did. I believe this is the book he would have written.”

Don Martinetti,
Artist and member of the Delray Art League


“This book contains a treasure trove of information about the process of painting in the Reilly method. It is an extremely valuable resource and reference guide for students of all level, for those just learning to paint or the experienced painter. It can be used to reinforce an instructors lesson or as a point of discussion between students. The information is presented in an organized and precise manner that can be referred to by the student as they progress through the process of learning to paint.”

Frank Falotico,
Artist/Educator and Director duCret School of Art